Title: 5 In-Car Air Conditioning Mistakes That Will Make You Sweat

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Summary: With temperatures set to rise again, make sure you aren't making any of these mistakes when trying to keep cool behind the wheel!

Meta Title: 5 common mistakes made with air con systems

Meta Description: 5 common mistakes which may mean you are not as cool as you think you are!


Driving in windy weather

We have all experienced the feeling of getting into a hot car and blasting the A/C in an attempt to stop melting into a puddle in the foot well! (FYI, hot cars are no place to leave your pets – you should read our blog on how to rescue a dog in a hot car!)

Here are some common mistakes which mean you might not be getting the very best from your A/C system!

Blasting the Air Con
As tempting as it is, putting the air con on the maximum as soon as you get in the car will only lead to hot air being circulated around the car – make sure you leave the doors open and roll down the windows before you set off!

Hogging the Air Jets
This seems like common sense, but pointing the air jets towards the roof allows for a more even distribution of that lovely, cool air!

Regular Check-Ups
Like everything,  your air con system needs TLC to ensure it’s working properly. Cabin air filters need to be changed every 10,000 to 15,000 miles approximately.

Rise and Shine!
While it might not seem too warm first thing, it doesn’t take long for the sun to heat up a car so pop your air con on first thing to avoid the dreaded windscreen fog when the outside temperature starts to rise!

Air Re-circulation
Using the air re-circulation option means your windscreen is more likely to fog and reduce visibility. Most cars have an ‘auto’ option which regulates the temperature to avoid fog and make your journey easy-breezy!

It is reported that a cabin temperature of 35°C can decrease reaction time by 20%, compared to a cabin temperature of 25°C.  It’s important to remain alert when driving so make sure you have adequate ventilation and some water!


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Title: Accessible Tech: Voice Automation and Disability

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Summary: Have you heard about the Amazon Echo or the Google Home, but aren't really sure what they can do for you? Read about how technology is beginning to open up a whole new world of independence for disabled people, within their homes.

Meta Title: Accessible Tech: Voice Automation and Disability

Meta Description: Technology that can help disabled people in their homes


Unrecognizable senior woman in a wheelchair with tablet at home. An elderly woman sitting at the table.


However you feel about technology, whether you are completely tech-savvy or just starting out, there’s no doubt it has definitely enhanced all of our lives.

We can reach out to friends and family halfway across the world, we can set reminders and alarms, and we can surf the web and order to our doors without ever having to visit a store!

Products like Amazon’s Echo (or mini Echo Dot) and Google’s Home have taken technology a step further and begun to spark futuristic ideas of an almost entirely automated home. Scary as this seems, the futuristic little pods can be used to complete even the most basic of tasks. For those with any disability or mobility issues, these products open up a new world to all.

For those unfamiliar, the Amazon Echo and Google Home are little pieces of kit that will fit in the palm of your hand (they look like a round speaker). You can set them up anywhere in the home, and with an internet connection they can do just about anything you can think of, using voice activation.

Typically priced around £100, or sometimes less, products such as these are increasingly affordable and have an array of apps or ‘skills’  which are in constant development, and the apps available continue to grow.

If you struggle with using a laptop or phone, one of these products allow for easy life-administration; you can set reminders, create shopping and to-do lists, track your shopping, dictate lists and generally use any search function you’d expect from Google, or any similar search engine.

For those with visual impairment, audible books can be accessed. You can ask Alexa or Google Home what time it is, what the latest news articles are, and check your calendar for your appointments that day. You can play messages and make calls, without having to scroll through your phone.

That’s not all as other mobility issues can be eased with this impressive technology. Daily tasks which can seem daunting or frustrating when you use a wheelchair, can be instructed to Alexa or Google Home with a simple voice command. When set up, the device can control elements in your home such as lighting, or even be set up with smart blinds to open and close as needed. For even more bold additions to the ‘smart home’ set up, you can lock doors, open and close the garage door, set and adjust the thermostat and control the TV.

As we move towards a more inclusive world in every sense, innovative products like these will continue to bring a level of ease to the lives of wheelchair users and those with other disabilities.

Author: Emma Russell

Title: How to Check Your Car History Online

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Summary: Thinking of buying a used car? There are some checks you can carry out online that will help you avoid potential problems later down the line! Read on, fine people!

Meta Title: How to Check A Used Car's History Online | Bristol Street Motors

Meta Description: Check a used car's history online



So you’ve got a used car in your sights but you’ve read loads of horror stories online about people driving away in a used car and the engine fell out, right?

I hear you but don’t worry, there are different ways to check that you are getting a used car that is above board. Have a read below at what you can do online to save yourself any hassle!

Hooray for the DVLA! Those guys have built up a database worth its weight in gold – all you need to do is click here then type in the vehicle’s registration and it will give you;

When the current tax  and MOT expires
The date the car was registered
SORN status (if applicable)
Engine size
Year of Manufacture
CO2 emissions
Current vehicle tax rate (You will need
the V5C certificate to get this information)

And if that isn’t juicy enough, you can also get more specific information about the vehicle’s MOT history by entering the registration number on this page here. Get crackin’ Sherlock!

If you are a little unsure how to go about buying a used car, check out our Driver’s Guide to Buying A Used Car – you’ll be an expert in no time!

And don’t forget to have a look at our huge range of used cars!



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Title: The Super Catchy Summer Driving Playlist

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Summary: Everyone knows there is nothing better than getting in the car, winding those windows down, popping the sun roof and taking a drive, especially when the sun is shining. We've taken the plunge and compiled a catchy playlist for your driving merriment (but are under no illusion it won't be everyone's cup of tea - it's okay, we still love you)

Meta Title: The Super Catchy Summer Driving Playlist

Meta Description: Music to drive your way through the summer to!


Hurrah! We are smack dab in the middle of summer and it is GLORIOUS. Check out our driving playlist for dreamy lyrics and marvellous melodies!



If you don’t have a car to listen to this playlist in, or you want a new one, have a little look at what we offer! You’ll be spoilt for choice!

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Title: New Road Technology That Can Detect When You Are Using Your Phone Behind The Wheel

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Summary: A collaboration between a local council and a leading technology company has culminated in the development of road signs that will aid in the campaign to crack down on the use of mobile phones behind the wheel!

Meta Title: Road signs that know when you are using your phone while driving

Meta Description: Road signs will flash warning signals to deter drivers using their mobile phones while driving



In a bid to deter drivers from using their mobile phones while they are driving, a warning system is currently being trialled in Norfolk, where the road signs can detect when an active phone call is taking place, and flashes a red signal as the driver passes, according to Sky News.

Norfolk County Council’s road team have been working alongside Westcotec, a warning sign specialist based in Norfolk, to develop the system in order to aid the crack down and although the technology cannot identify offenders at the moment, that is something that is being considered for the future.

The system will be able to differentiate between those who are and who are not receiving calls via Bluetooth, to avoid giving warnings to drivers on the right side of the law.

The Department of Transport reported that, in 2016, figures showed accidents that involved drivers using mobile phones killed the equivalent of one person every 10 days, and seriously injured 137 people.

According to the RAC, you are four times more likely to be in a crash if you use your phone while driving and your reaction time is twice as slow if you text and drive, than if you drink drive! (Of which we condone neither!)

If you need to take a call or reply to a text and it cannot wait until you reach your destination, take two minutes and pull over.

The legal consequences for using a mobile phone whilst behind the steering wheel was increased last year from 3 penalty points and a £100 fine, to 6 penalty points and a £200 fine. Other consequences include fatalities, serious injury  and/or damage to your vehicle.

If you have passed your test within two years of being prosecuted, you could lose your licence.

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Title: The All-New Volvo V60 is Here!

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Summary: It's fair to say that the summer of 2018 has been unforgettable so far. With record-breaking heat waves and the hype of a pretty good World Cup run from England, it's the kind of summer that will go down in the history books. And it seems things don’t end there, as Volvo join the party with the launch of an all-new car! Introducing then, the new Volvo V60.

Meta Title: The All-New Volvo V60 is Here!

Meta Description:


Volvo V60 Thumbnail

It’s fair to say that the summer of 2018 has been unforgettable so far. With record-breaking heat waves and the hype of a pretty good World Cup run from England, it’s the kind of summer that will go down in the history books. And it seems things don’t end there, as Volvo join the party with the launch of an all-new car! Introducing then, the new Volvo V60.


This is Volvo’s vision for the ultimate family estate car, and it looks rather stunning. With powerfully styled curves and unmistakable queues, the future of the family estate is most definitely here – and in all its glory. Dynamic and elegant, it appears that Volvo are moving even further upmarket, offering affordable alternatives in the premium market.


The V60 makes driving indulgent, allowing the driver to truly enjoy every journey. The centre display allows you to operate navigation, settings and entertainment with nothing more than a simple touch – a feature familiar to the new generation of Volvo cars that blends sleek design with ease of use. Reducing distractions with bold, clear graphics and a vertical format makes reading information and maps especially easy. The 9-inch touch screen is so responsive that you can use it wearing gloves, while the surface has a special coating that reduces glare.


Don’t settle; enjoy the drive you desire. It’s very difficult for manufacturers to inject personality into their cars, but the new V60 has a dynamic driving character that you can fall in love with every time you start the engine. Volvo’s innovative ‘integral link’ set-up provides exceptional control, while advanced lightweight materials reduce weight and ensure sharp responses.


The V60 offers generous fuel efficiency without the compromise. The new V60 T8 Twin Engine has a plug-in hybrid powertrain that delivers strong performance. A combined output of 404hp is available from the combination of a four-cylinder petrol engine driving the front wheels and an electric motor driving the rear wheels. Combined with a Geartronic transmission, the result is strong, smooth acceleration from standstill. If necessary, on-demand all-wheel drive ensures all this power goes straight to the road, leaving us well prepared for the day that our summer comes to an end and have to face not-so-ideal driving conditions!

For more information on the all-new Volvo V60, click here.

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Title: What To Look For When Buying a Used Car

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Summary: It's sage advice that you should go and see a used car before you buy it, but apart from walking around the vehicle nodding, do we really know what to look out for? Well, with this handy checklist, now you will!

Meta Title: What To Look For When Buying a Used Car

Meta Description: Checks to make when buying a used car


Let’s get straight in to what you should be looking out for when you go to inspect a used car!

– Have a look at the mileage of the car. On the average, a normal driver will drive between 10,000 to 15,000 miles (16,000 to 24,000 km) a year; however, this depends on many factors and should be considered a guide only.

– Check for any indications that the vehicle has been in an accident  (i.e. dents, scratches etc)

– Check the cam belt and ask when it was changed/due to be changed. (For those who aren’t sure, a cam belt, or timing belt, is a rubber belt with teeth that synchronises some bits that makes your car go. If it goes kaput, it could cost you a lot in terms of repair so it’s worth checking out!)

– Are the tyres legal? The legal limit for minimum depth of the tread on your tyres is 1.6 millimetres, across the central ¾ of the tread around the complete circumference of the tyre and you can check this using a 20p coin.

– Have a snoop inside the boot of the car, looking for rust or damp.

– Test out the headlights, brake lights and indicators on the car.

– Pay close attention to the windscreen, as any chips or cracks could cost you a pretty penny in repairs later down the line.

– When you start the engine, keep an eye out for excessive exhaust smoke and listen out for any unsavoury noises!

– Take it for a test drive! There is no better way to get a feel of a car than to put it in gear and  go for a spin.

– When out and about, make sure the steering doesn’t pull to the side on a straight piece of road.

– Try using the handbrake on a hill start – there should be no slippage

– Listen out for any ‘crunching’ when changing gear and the clutch shouldn’t be too high, as this could indicate it will need replacing soon.

This list is by no means exhaust-ive (ah thank you) but this should give you a bit of an idea of what to look for when you go to check out a used car!

If you are on the fence about buying a used car, check out 5 Reasons To Buy a Used Car or if you are unsure how to go about buying a used car, have a peek at our Driver’s Guide to Buying a Used Car!

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Title: Top 5 Used Cars For New Drivers

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Summary: Congratulations! You've passed your driving test and you are ready to hit the road! But which car to choose? Read on as we round up the top 5 used cars for new drivers!

Meta Title: Top 5 Used Cars For New Drivers

Meta Description: A run down of 5 used cars suitable for new drivers


Whether you passed 1st time or 21st time, we salute you for finally getting that blue certificate! The world is your oyster, you just need to get a set of wheels. But which are the best for you?

Of course, it’s down to you which car you buy but we’ve pulled together the top 5 used cars (in no particular order) to give you an idea of what’s on offer. Enjoy!


Ford Fiesta



This comfortable supermini is refined, practical and super fun to drive which makes it a dream for new drivers!
Click Here to choose yours



Skoda CitigoCitigo-5-Door-SE^640x480^


Low running costs for this versatile city car mean it’s easy on your pocket, not to mention it’s nimble handling in rush hour. Ooosh.
Click Here to choose yours


Volkswagen PoloSUB0257+ENERGETIC+ORANGE+POLO+SE+288x216


Although slightly more expensive, you won’t be sorry when you see the high quality cabin and safety kit. These details make it a serious contender for any new driver’s attention!
Click Here to choose yours


Seat Miiseat-mii^640x480^


Deceptively spacious, there is room for four people which means you can be designated driver amongst your pals, at least until the novelty wears off!
Click Here to choose yours


Hyundai i102017-Hyundai-i10-Premium-5dr-1024x768^640x480^


This car boasts great practicality and is perfect for anyone looking for their first car. It fairs as well on motorways as it does zipping around city streets, with good visibility for parking! Ideal!
Click Here to choose yours

If none of these tick your boxes, take a look at our huge used car range. There is something for everyone!

Make sure you take a gander at our Driver’s Guide To Buying A Used Car too!

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Title: Join Bristol Street Versa at Motability’s The Big Event

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Example image of Join Bristol Street Versa at Motability’s The Big Event

Summary: Join Bristol Street Versa for the UK's biggest Motability event

Meta Title: Join Bristol Street Versa at Motability’s The Big Event

Meta Description: Join Bristol Street Versa at Motability’s The Big Event


Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles at the Big Event

Join Bristol Street Versa at Motability’s The Big Event at NEC Birmingham this week on Friday 6th and Saturday 7th of July.

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle specialists Bristol Street Versa are taking part in the nation’s biggest Motability event at the NEC Birmingham.

On this Friday and Saturday you’ll be able to meet and speak with our expert advisors on all things Versa and learn more about our high-quality WAV (Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle) conversions.

Whether you are looking to renew your Motability lease with a medium to large WAV, or because your needs have simply changed, we will be on hand to provide expert and professional advice.

We’re experienced in converting, providing, and servicing a range of WAVs in the medium to large category, with offerings from Ford, Volkswagen and Renault. We keep the customer at the heart of all that we do, and our dedicated team are always on hand to ensure we are keeping you going, and that your vehicle is always running smoothly.

Your peace of mind is our priority.

We may be visiting an event in the Midlands, but the beauty of the Bristol Street Versa offering is that our mobility experts offer demonstrations and fantastic customer service nationwide.

At the show, you can book a home demonstration for any of the WAVs in our range. We would be delighted to bring a vehicle to you and demonstrate the features on a no-obligation basis. It’s important for our service to be as accessible as is necessary and ensure that ultimately the vehicle you choose absolutely suits your specific needs and requirements.

Along with us, we’ll be taking two of our most popular vehicles to the show; the VW Transporter and the VW Caddy. They’ll be available for you to view and experience demonstrations on-site. Our team of experienced advisors will also be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

The fantastic news is that the event (and event parking) is completely free, free refreshments are also available, with plenty of distractions for any younger family members!

Find out more HERE


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Title: Driver’s Guide To Buying A Used Car

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Example image of Driver’s Guide To Buying A Used Car

Summary: Are you looking to buy a used car but don't know where to start? We have compiled the go-to guide for buying a used car so you can avoid pitfalls and skip straight to cruising around town!

Meta Title: Driver's Guide To Buying A Used Car | Bristol Street Motors

Meta Description: How to buy a used car



If you are reading this, chances are you are thinking about buying a used car. Pretty exciting stuff, but the process isn’t without its pitfalls.

Because we feel pretty strongly that buying a car should be a positive experience, we’ve created this guide to help you make the right choices and pave the way to motoring bliss. Lucky you!

1. Research your car – Okay so there are boat loads of used cars out there , each as shiny and pretty as the last. But which is right for you? You need to have a think about size, cost, function and, most importantly, colour. Just kidding…sort of. The main purpose of a car is to make your life easier so the last thing you want is a car that isn’t fit for purpose or that causes stress and strain on your finances.

Have a look at our range of used cars!

2. Locate your car – Congrats, if you are reading this, you’ve chosen your car! Now you just have to find one that’s (hopefully) near you.

Did You Know: No worries if your dream car isn’t near you!  We sell used cars online?  That’s right… you can literally choose your car and sort your finance within a few clicks – and hey presto! Your shiny new wheels will be delivered to your door a few days later!  Our cars are all checked above and beyond industry standard, and for added peace of mind, if you buy online from us you’ll get a 14 day exchange or refund guarantee too! 

Click Here to Buy Online

3. Take a closer look – We are getting to the good stuff now! You’ve decided on a car and you’ve found the exact make and model for sale! Make arrangements to go and see the car, and take someone with you if you can. A second opinion is never a bad thing! Chances are, you are buying from one of the two options listed below;

– Private Sellers – It may be that your dream car is being sold by a regular Joe Bloggs which is great, but there are a few extra checks to carry out before you hand over any cash. You can do a vehicle history check online to make sure the car isn’t stolen, or has outstanding finance. Ask the seller to produce all of the car’s original documents including the original V5c form, something you will need if you decide to buy the car. Of course, it is always recommended to take the vehicle for a test drive, to listen out for any unsavoury noises and to make sure you like the handling of the car!

– Dealerships – Going to a dealership is a little easier in terms of what you have to do, personally. When the car is sold to the dealership, the relevant checks are all carried out to make sure the car is in good working order with no nasty surprises! However, you can still ask for a test drive to get a feel of the car plus you can always check the market price of the car to ensure you are getting a fair deal.

4.  Documents – Not the most exciting part of the process but a necessary evil. Whether you are buying from a private seller or a dealership, be sure that you and the seller have the following, valid and up-to-date;

– Driving Licence
– Valid Insurance Policy
– V5C form
– Valid Recent M.O.T
– Service History
– Vehicle Handbook

Having these documents all together will make your life a lot easier in the future so keep them in a file, somewhere safe!

5. Payment – Now comes the juicy bit. You’ve test driven the car and all of the documents check out… time to hand over the green stuff. If you are trading privately, don’t take large sums of cash with you. Instead ask for the seller’s bank details to do a funds transfer, or write out a cheque. Dealerships are a little more flexible if you don’t have all of the money together there and then. Finance is available to those who qualify so if the piggy bank is looking a little short but you are desperate for a certain set of wheels, have a chat with your friendly, neighbourhood car salesperson!

Read more about our Personal Contract Purchase!


6. Success! – You’ve done it! You’ve only gone and bought a used car, and you did a pretty good job. You can stop at the shop on your way home for some celebratory biscuits to go with a well deserved cuppa!

If you still aren’t sure if a used car is for you, have a read of our 5 Reasons to Buy a Used Car and prepare to be convinced!

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