Title: How to Rescue a Dog Left in a Hot Car

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Summary: Although heatwaves are few and far between on our ever-grey island, here is where you stand if you see a furry friend overheating in a car - and how you can help!

Meta Title: How to Rescue a Dog Left in a Hot Car | Bristol Street Motors

Meta Description: What to do if you see a dog left in a car during the hotter weather? Read on for advice and info!


Dog in car

Let’s face it, we rarely experience heatwaves in the UK but when we do, by gum do we make the most of it! Cue chucking the kids, your partner, half the contents of your house and the dog in the car in search of the perfect picnic spot. Magic!

But with great power comes great responsibility and you should NEVER leave your four-legged, furry friend in the car in hot weather, whether you are on a day trip or popping out for some milk. Here is how to be a hero and help any canines in distress.

If you spot a dog in a car in hot weather, and it seems to be suffering from heatstroke, call 999. The police can gain access to the vehicle in an emergency situation and they will also inform animal welfare.

How do you know if a dog is suffering from heatstroke? The dog may be;

– Panting heavily
– Drooling excessively
– Lethargic, drowsy or uncoordinated
– Collapsed or vomiting

If the situation is critical and the police cannot attend quickly enough, most people wouldn’t think twice about breaking in the car to help a doggo, HOWEVER without proper justification it could be classed as criminal damage and you may be asked to defend yourself in Court.

Let the police know what you are going to do and why, take a few quick pictures and videos and make sure you get acquainted with the people standing looking at you with their smartphones out. These witnesses plus any other evidence will help you defend yourself in Court. You have a lawful excuse to commit damage if you believe the owner would have given consent if present.

Once you have liberated the overheating hound, follow these steps;

– Try to find a shaded, cool area to place them.
– You should immediately douse the dog with cool (not cold) water, to avoid shock. If you have access to cool, wet towels or a fan, even better!
– Give the dog small sips of cool water.
– Keep dousing the dog until its breathing starts to settle but never to the point the dog is shivering.
– Seek medical attention by a qualified veterinarian.
– Pat yourself on the back for being a good human.

If the dog in question isn’t displaying signs of heatstroke, there are still things you can do to help out;

– Try to work out how long the dog has been left in the car, from a parking ticket for example.
– Take a note of the car registration; even if the owner comes back, you can report them, if you wish to do so.
– If you are near any shops or businesses, you could ask a staff member to make an announcement as the owner may be in that building.
– If it’s possible, get someone to stay with the dog and if it becomes an emergency situation, they can call 999.
– You can give our friends at the RSPCA a call on their 24-hour cruelty line – 0300 1234 999. They will give you advice on what is best for the pooch.

Although it may seem like common sense, it may not be obvious to everyone about the dangers of leavings pets in cars during a heatwave. Spread the word and go give your pooch a cuddle for being the best!

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Title: Top 5 Cars for Dog Owners

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Summary: Looking for a new car to cater for all members of the family, including Fido? Then look no further as we give you the top 5 cars for dog owners! You'd be barking not to have a look!

Meta Title: Top 5 Cars for Dog Owners | Bristol Street Motors

Meta Description: 5 cars to help you get around with your pooch in tow!



Looking for a new car to cater for all members of the family, including Fido? Then look no further as we give you the top 5 cars for dog owners!

Logan-Laureate-Prime-MY15^640x480^Dacia Logan 

In terms of space and value for money, the Dacia Logan MCV has to be considered.  Plenty of room for your pet, and this one won’t break the bank.

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nissan x-trail Nissan X-Trail

This spacious and comfortable SUV offers the option of a specially designed Paw Pack, which includes a ramp to give dogs easy access to the boot, a boot liner, a storage rack for leads and other doggy bits and bobs, a spill-resistant water bowl and a dog bed!

Click Here to learn more about the Nissan X-Trail Skoda-Superb-Estate-se^640x480^

Skoda Superb Estate

A super comfortable ride, and an enormous 660 litre boot make this one a top contender!

Click Here to learn more about the Skoda Superb Estate New-308-GT-SW^640x480^ Peugeot 308 Estate

With a wide opening, low load lip and boot level, it will make jumping in and out of the car a breeze for your four-legged friend!

Click Here to learn more about the Peugeot 308 Estate th[10]

Kia Sportage 1.6 GDi 130 1

Similar in size and shape to the Nissan X-Trail, the Kia Sportage is a family vehicle with a shed load of space and an affordable price tag. What’s not to like?!

Click Here to learn more about the Kia Sportage 1.6 GDi 130 1

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Title: Accessible Tech: Top 4 Apps for Wheelchair Users

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Summary: We take a look at some of our favourite apps for wheelchair users.

Meta Title: Accessible Tech - Top 4 Apps for Wheelchair Users

Meta Description: Accessible Tech - Top 4 Apps for Wheelchair Users


Man in wheelchair using a tablet to access an app

Modern smartphones and tablets are great for keeping in touch with friends and family, and keeping us entertained – but the huge choice of apps available means they can actually be useful beyond that.

Take a look at some of our favourite apps for wheelchair users below.


When you use a wheelchair, planning your days out can be a bit of a gamble without knowing what access is going to be like.

Wheelmap is available as an app, or you can visit their website here. Places are added and rated by app users, meaning the reviews are reliable and honest.

Almost 600,000 public places are listed on the app worldwide, with up to 300 added each day. A variety of places are included, as anyone can mark almost any point of interest. This ranges from bus stations, restaurants, cinemas and banks through to Government offices.

The useful tags work in an easy to use traffic light system (Green, Amber and Red) and indicate levels of accessibility.

– Green indicates full accessibility – for example, ground level, step-free throughout (or lift access) and accessible toilet facilities if they are available.

– Amber indicates some accessibility – for example, one stage maximum entrance, most of the rooms on ground level.

– Red indicates the place is not accessible at all.

The great thing about Wheelmap is that ratings can be added at any time by any user. Further, as it is not just limited to facilities, it’s a great tool to enhance everyday life.

Wheelmap is available to download from the iTunes App Store for iOs or Play for Android and Windows Phones.  Alternatively, you can visit Wheelmap.org from your device or desktop.

Inclusive Britain

For everything a little closer to home, Inclusive Britain is an expansion of the popular Inclusive London app.

Inclusive Britain also lives both as an app and as a website, with the added capability of adding reviews, where you can comment not only on accessibility but on all areas of a service or venue.

Instead of the map functionality of Wheelmap, Inclusive Britain takes the form of a directory, with everything from hotels, healthcare, nature reserves, post offices and tourist attractions. You can search by postcode or by accessible features, making it efficiently concise if there is something in particular you are looking for.

You can send any details to your mobile phone to store for later reference, and you can also take advantage of the ‘Meet Me’ tool which aids with arranging activities with friends and family.

Pick up Inclusive London or Inclusive Britain on the iTunes App Store or register for the online directory at InclusiveBritain.com.

Apple Dictation

For iPhone or iPad users, Apple provide a free dictation tool: Apple Dictation. If you’re juggling a few things at once, and want to make hands-free notes on the move this is perfect (providing you’re connected with mobile data or Wi-Fi).

If you have iPhone 6s or newer, Enhanced Dictation is also available for unlimited dictation. Enabled in System Preferences, the Siri ding will indicate that you can start dictation. This requires no internet connection and text appears in real time. There’s no limit to how much you can dictate and has a startling accuracy level.

If you need quick and easy dictation to communicate or set reminders, without the fuss of apps, Apple capabilities mean that you can simply just ask Siri to save a note or send a message and dictate the text straight into your mic.

Apple Dictation supports 31 languages including English, Arabic, Chinese, Polish, Spanish, and Korean.


The taxi-summoning app Uber now has an option for ‘UberACCESS’, created specifically for wheelchair users.

Formerly UberWAV, the app specialises in rear-entry taxis, allowing the wheelchair passenger to be forward-facing.  All UberACCESS drivers ensure safety and comfort during the journey, having received Disability Equality Training from Transport for All.

So, all you need is the Uber app, which then allows you to select UberACCESS as an option when requesting a taxi. The beauty of Uber is that the journey is paid via the app, which saves trawling to cashpoints if they are not convenient. All drivers and vehicles are logged and nominated friends or family can track your journeys for additional peace of mind.

For added reassurance, the journey only begins once you and your wheelchair are safely secured in the vehicle, eliminating any worries when it comes to totting up the fare.

UberACCESS operates in London, Manchester, Newcastle, Leeds and Liverpool.


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Title: Drivers Guide To Driving in Windy Weather

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Summary: With the UK being a relatively small island, we're often exposed to windy conditions that can be very tricky to drive in. Here are our top tips for driving in windy weather.

Meta Title: How To Drive In Windy Weather | Bristol Street Motors

Meta Description: Our top tips for driving in windy conditions will blow you away!


driving in windy weather

With the UK being a relatively small island, we’re often exposed to windy conditions that can be very tricky to drive in.

That’s why we’ve put together our top tips to help you survive the drive!

1. Check For Weather Warnings

The weather can change pretty quickly, so if it looks like conditions could become dangerous, you may need to consider the necessity of your journey.  It’s always advisable to keep an eye on local news updates – and if it’s looking apocalyptic out there, then it’s probably best not to travel.

2. Keep A Firm Grip Of The Wheel

Keep both your hands on the wheel so that if you feel the wind begin to move your car, you’re ready to react and adjust your steering before you run into trouble.

3. Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

The thing about the wind is that it doesn’t blow at a steady pace or from the the same direction.  It gusts and swirls, and can be very hard to predict.  Some vehicles can be exceptionally vulnerable under these conditions – buses, lorries, vans, caravans, motorcyclists and cyclists.  It’s definitely a good idea to pay close attention to them, and leave a bit of extra room – they may need it if a large gust comes along.

4. Slow Down!

Going faster does not mean you counteract the effects of the wind. You’re actually better off slowing down so that you can keep better control of your vehicle.

5. Watch Out For Falling Objects

If the wind is strong enough, it’s certainly capable of throwing around some debris that’s big enough to cause some damage!  There could be branches, litter and objects blown from other vehicles – or they could be lying in the road, so be vigilant and expect the unexpected!

6. Make Sure Your Car Is In Good Condition

If your tyres are worn you’ll struggle to keep traction on the road, or if your brakes need attention they may not be effective enough if you need to stop suddenly.  There are any number of things that would make driving more difficult if your car isn’t in tip-top condition.  That’s why it’s important to keep on top of your Servicing, and have your car looked over by qualified mechanics and technicians on a regular basis.

It needn’t be a big expense though!  With our Service Plan you can spread the cost with one low monthly payment that covers your service, parts, labour, courtesy car provision and more.  You don’t even need to have bought your car from us!

Prices start from just £14.99 per month, and there’s no contract – you can cancel at any time!

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