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Title: Car Maintenance You Can Do Yourself

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Summary: No one likes to pay for maintenance of their car but here are some jobs you can do yourself to limit the costs of keeping your vehicle running as smooth as a nut!

Meta Title: Car Maintenance You Can Do Yourself

Meta Description: Some easy car maintenance you can carry out yourself


Driving in windy weather (16)

In order to keep down maintenance costs, we have put together a few different jobs you can do to make sure your car is running properly. You may not know your spark plugs from your alternators, but this guide should give you an idea of what to do!


Tyres are essentially your vehicle’s shoes and we all know what it’s like wearing an uncomfortable pair of shoes! When inspecting your tyres, you want to be looking for any cracks or gouges around the tread and sides of the tyres. If you spot a nail or screw, don’t remove them because the tyre may deflate. Instead, drive carefully to your nearest dealership where the tyre can be repaired or replaced!

To visit our Tyre Shop, click here 


This is super easy so don’t worry if your mechanical skills are limited! Usually under the bonnet, you’ll find the windscreen washer bottle cap, which will have a washer jet symbol printed on it. The lid usually unclips but if you aren’t sure, check your manual before you start pouring!
Screen wash fluid is better than water alone as it contains a detergent to remove stubborn dirt. Check to see if it needs to be diluted then fill the bottle. Job done!

Another pretty easy job although this has potential to get a little bit messy! Your engine needs to be cool and your car should be parked on an even surface for the most accurate results. You need to be looking out for the dipstick,  which is near the engine, usually yellow or orange. If you can’t find it your car manual, or Google, is your friend here.
Once you find it, carefully remove it and wipe with a piece of kitchen roll. Pop it back in fully then remove it again. At the end of the dipstick, there are minimum and maximum marks, where the level of oil should be sitting.
If it’s below the minimum, you will need to top up your oil. Making sure to get the correct oil for your vehicle to avoid any engine catastrophes.
Remove the cap, pour in the oil, then check the depth again using the dipstick. Be sure not to overfill!

There isn’t a standard size or type for windscreen wipers so make sure you find out which ones you need for your vehicle.
Turn off your windscreen wipers if they’re on (unless you feel like challenging yourself) Lift the wipers away from the windscreen gently as they are quite delicate. They will have retaining clips but they very from vehicle to vehicle so pay close attention to how they fit. Once you’ve worked out how your existing blades detach, do the process in reverse to fit your shiny new wiper blades. Give them a cheeky test and away you go!

Although it may not seem quite like maintenance, removing grime, bird droppings  and road salt, in winter, will preserve your paint and protect against potential rust. Plus who doesn’t love a gleaming car?
If you aren’t hands on when it comes to washing, you can get it washed at an automatic/hand car wash, which you have to pay for. Alternatively, you can get your sponge and bucket out to give your car some TLC. Use a soft microfiber cloth to avoiding scratching your paintwork and finish with a wax and polish. Ideal!


Those are just a few things you can do yourself. For a more comprehensive service carried out by the professionals, click here and book today! Marvellous!

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Title: How do I SORN my vehicle?

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Summary: If you have a car that you don't plan on driving for a good while, save yourself some money and declare it off the road!

Meta Title: How do I SORN my vehicle?

Meta Description: How to declare your car off the road


Driving in windy weather (9)

Whether your car is undergoing restoration, isn’t roadworthy or you just aren’t going to drive it for a while, you can declare it off road with a Statutory Off Road Notice which means you don’t have to tax the vehicle.

Driving without taxing your vehicle could end up costing you a pretty penny, somewhere in the region of £2500! The only exception being you are driving to a pre-booked MOT test, that you can prove.

Applying for a SORN is pretty simple. You need either the 11-digit reference number from your V5C (the logbook) or the 16-digit reference code on your road tax renewal reminder. Either of these, along with the registration, make and model of the car plus the date you would like to declare the vehicle off road from and you are good to go!

You can either contact the DVLA on 0300 123 4321, send a V890 application form to: DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1AR

Or you can go online to register your vehicle as off road here

Once you have successfully declared your vehicle off road, you must make sure it stays that way until you tax it or sell it, which means it must be stored on a private drive, in a garage or in storage. You cannot leave it parked on the street as that does not constitute as off road and you could be liable!

A SORN will last indefinitely, only expiring if you tax the vehicle or sell or scrap it. You cannot transfer a SORN from one vehicle owner to another so if the car is sold, tax will be due unless the new registered keeper applied for a SORN.

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Title: 5 In-Car Air Conditioning Mistakes That Will Make You Sweat

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Summary: With temperatures set to rise again, make sure you aren't making any of these mistakes when trying to keep cool behind the wheel!

Meta Title: 5 common mistakes made with air con systems

Meta Description: 5 common mistakes which may mean you are not as cool as you think you are!


Driving in windy weather

We have all experienced the feeling of getting into a hot car and blasting the A/C in an attempt to stop melting into a puddle in the foot well! (FYI, hot cars are no place to leave your pets – you should read our blog on how to rescue a dog in a hot car!)

Here are some common mistakes which mean you might not be getting the very best from your A/C system!

Blasting the Air Con
As tempting as it is, putting the air con on the maximum as soon as you get in the car will only lead to hot air being circulated around the car – make sure you leave the doors open and roll down the windows before you set off!

Hogging the Air Jets
This seems like common sense, but pointing the air jets towards the roof allows for a more even distribution of that lovely, cool air!

Regular Check-Ups
Like everything,  your air con system needs TLC to ensure it’s working properly. Cabin air filters need to be changed every 10,000 to 15,000 miles approximately.

Rise and Shine!
While it might not seem too warm first thing, it doesn’t take long for the sun to heat up a car so pop your air con on first thing to avoid the dreaded windscreen fog when the outside temperature starts to rise!

Air Re-circulation
Using the air re-circulation option means your windscreen is more likely to fog and reduce visibility. Most cars have an ‘auto’ option which regulates the temperature to avoid fog and make your journey easy-breezy!

It is reported that a cabin temperature of 35°C can decrease reaction time by 20%, compared to a cabin temperature of 25°C.  It’s important to remain alert when driving so make sure you have adequate ventilation and some water!


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Title: Top Free Apps for EV/Hybrid Charging Points

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Summary: Are you the owner of an electric or hybrid vehicle or are you thinking about buying one? These 5 apps will make sure you know the nearest charging stations to you at all times, and they won't cost you a penny! First rule of EV about EV club!

Meta Title: Top Free Apps for EV/Hybrid Charging Points

Meta Description: Top Free Apps for EV/Hybrid Charging Points



Picture this, you’ve got your shiny new electric car and so far, you are loving it! You’ve been driving around town, the wind in your hair and your favourite songs on…bliss!

BUT WAIT A MINUTE, there is a light flashing and you are running out of juice. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill-stop-at-a-petrol-station kinda car so what on earth do you do? Where will you go? Are you going to be stranded forever?  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

We’ve researched the good, the bad and the ugly apps which help you locate charging points to get your EV raring to go again, and here are some of the best!



By far the leading app for EV drivers currently (in my opinion!). Plugshare not only allows you to locate the nearest charging point to you and details what type of plug it is, it also allows EV drivers to check in, rate, upload photos and comment on the charging point. Kinda like a certain hotel reviewing website, if you catch my drift…

In a nutshell – If you are looking for a highly accurate and informative app, this is the answer to your prayers.



Bonjour! Hola! Guten Tag! That’s right, this app is available in 6 languages, making it the most polylingual app I’ve come across of its type! Not only that but this app also offers a ticket to the EV community, allowing users to have their say on the charging stations in their area! You can filter for different things including access, types of plugs and speed of charge, as well as the status of the charging point! And who doesn’t love a filter…

In a nutshell – Great for specific searches (I’m looking at you, Tesla drivers) and it isn’t restricted to English-speaking EV drivers! Spread the joy!


Chargemap – Charging Stations

Not far behind, Chargemap definitely comes up with the goods after improvements on a slightly rocky start. Adopting a similar ‘community’ feel, Chargemap allows users to interact with the app, saving EV drivers time and frustration by avoiding unsuitable charging points! The added bonus with this app is they have dedicated user support available 24/7 who will help you get out of any EV charging-related pickle! (This doesn’t include helping you pick pizza toppings at 1am, I’ve already tested those waters!)

In a nutshell – After a little hiccup or two, this app has left the stalls eager to prove itself and it is certainly a go-to for any EV driver.

Zap Map

Zap-Map – EV charging in the UK

The Zap-Map is ideal for those who want a little colour in their lives! The colour coded pins on the map mean you can see where your suitable charging points are at a glance (assuming you know the code!) For you lovely Android users, you can plan your route to incorporate charging point stops and it will give you an estimated charge left at the end of your journey! For the iOS squad, this feature will be available later in the summer.

In a nutshell – Nice to look at and user friendly – what more could you ask for?!



WattsUp is slightly different to the other apps of its kind, in that you have to set your criteria before it shows you a map of charging points – great for people who like to get down to business! It also features voice prompts and estimated time to reach your charging point/destination, so that rules out any excuses for being late! With a choice of routes to take you where you wanna go, there will be no stopping you and your EV!

In a nutshell – Apart from a rather clever name, this app is comprised of all of the right features to get you from A to B with minimal drama.

So there you have it! If you aren’t part of the EV club but want to be, we can help! Click here to go to our shiny website and have a perusal of our range of EV/hybrids. You won’t be disappointed!

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Title: How to Rescue a Dog Left in a Hot Car

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Summary: Although heatwaves are few and far between on our ever-grey island, here is where you stand if you see a furry friend overheating in a car - and how you can help!

Meta Title: How to Rescue a Dog Left in a Hot Car | Bristol Street Motors

Meta Description: What to do if you see a dog left in a car during the hotter weather? Read on for advice and info!


Dog in car

Let’s face it, we rarely experience heatwaves in the UK but when we do, by gum do we make the most of it! Cue chucking the kids, your partner, half the contents of your house and the dog in the car in search of the perfect picnic spot. Magic!

But with great power comes great responsibility and you should NEVER leave your four-legged, furry friend in the car in hot weather, whether you are on a day trip or popping out for some milk. Here is how to be a hero and help any canines in distress.

If you spot a dog in a car in hot weather, and it seems to be suffering from heatstroke, call 999. The police can gain access to the vehicle in an emergency situation and they will also inform animal welfare.

How do you know if a dog is suffering from heatstroke? The dog may be;

– Panting heavily
– Drooling excessively
– Lethargic, drowsy or uncoordinated
– Collapsed or vomiting

If the situation is critical and the police cannot attend quickly enough, most people wouldn’t think twice about breaking in the car to help a doggo, HOWEVER without proper justification it could be classed as criminal damage and you may be asked to defend yourself in Court.

Let the police know what you are going to do and why, take a few quick pictures and videos and make sure you get acquainted with the people standing looking at you with their smartphones out. These witnesses plus any other evidence will help you defend yourself in Court. You have a lawful excuse to commit damage if you believe the owner would have given consent if present.

Once you have liberated the overheating hound, follow these steps;

– Try to find a shaded, cool area to place them.
– You should immediately douse the dog with cool (not cold) water, to avoid shock. If you have access to cool, wet towels or a fan, even better!
– Give the dog small sips of cool water.
– Keep dousing the dog until its breathing starts to settle but never to the point the dog is shivering.
– Seek medical attention by a qualified veterinarian.
– Pat yourself on the back for being a good human.

If the dog in question isn’t displaying signs of heatstroke, there are still things you can do to help out;

– Try to work out how long the dog has been left in the car, from a parking ticket for example.
– Take a note of the car registration; even if the owner comes back, you can report them, if you wish to do so.
– If you are near any shops or businesses, you could ask a staff member to make an announcement as the owner may be in that building.
– If it’s possible, get someone to stay with the dog and if it becomes an emergency situation, they can call 999.
– You can give our friends at the RSPCA a call on their 24-hour cruelty line – 0300 1234 999. They will give you advice on what is best for the pooch.

Although it may seem like common sense, it may not be obvious to everyone about the dangers of leavings pets in cars during a heatwave. Spread the word and go give your pooch a cuddle for being the best!

Dog lover? Click Here to check out our Top 5 Cars for Dog Owners!

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Title: Best New Cars of 2016

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Summary: With the year drawing to a close and 2017 loudly readying its engines, now is the perfect time to review the most impressive cars to debut on the UK’s roads in 2016. Take a look at our top 10 new cars of 2016 here.

Meta Title: Best New Cars of 2016 | Bristol Street Motors

Meta Description: With the year drawing to a close and 2017 loudly readying its engines now is the perfect time to review the top 10 new cars of 2016.


With the year drawing to a close and 2017 loudly readying its engines, now is the perfect time to review the most impressive cars to debut on the UK’s roads in 2016. Take a look at our top 10 new cars of 2016 below.

Ford KA+                        ford-kaEnjoying excellent handling whilst balancing ample storage provisions with a compact build that renders it a perfect choice for city drives, the Ford Ka+ is a superb car for a range of settings. It’s also a notably quiet drive, with ample suppression of noise from the engine and the wind alike.


Skoda Octavia

With the Octavia, Skoda have produced an excellently priced car that’s equipped with furnishings and an interior belonging to cars from several tiers above. It’s almost unbeatable when it comes to storage, so if you’re looking for a car to take on long distance drives with passengers, the Skoda Octavia really is the car for you.

Vauxhall Astra


Picked for the mantle of 2016 European Car of the Year, 2016 has been a great year for Vauxhall’s classic Astra range. Available as an estate or as a hatchback, the Vauxhall Astra enjoys roominess and comfort for driver and passengers while boasting excellent fuel economy and safety; it took home all five stars on the European NCAP test.

Volvo XC90

In the XC90, Volvo have delivered one of the most formidable SUVs the roads have ever seen. Though it’s equipped with both a diesel engine and petrol engine under the bonnet, the XC90 also has a T8 hybrid connection, meaning that fuel economy over short distances is great. With a stylish décor, high standard noise suppression and equally high calibre mechanical design, the XC90 brings to its driver the stellar all-round experience that Volvo are famous for.

Hyundai i10


One of our favourite cars of the year, the Hyundai i10 is a perfect mode of transport for city living. It’s a small car that can expertly negotiate every tight space, with high-quality suspension that will stand tall against the most formidable pothole or damaged surface. The i10’s storage provisions are also incredibly generous, so it’s perfect for longer excursions or driving around with a lot of cargo.

Dacia Sandero

You’ll be hard pushed to find a car that enjoys anything like the quality that Dacia’s Sandero enjoys at the price range it’s in. The Sandero is a sturdy and well-built vehicle and what it lacks in infotainment and smart technology it makes up for with minimalist flair and stylish charm.

Fiat 500


The timeless Fiat 500 combines a sleek retro aesthetic with sophisticated design in terms of décor and mechanics. For leisurely city living, it’s a stylish car that delivers the highest standard of travel.

Nissan Qashqai

Ranking supreme among all family SUVs, Nissan’s Qashqai is a package of exceptional comfort and engineering, supported by muted engines and wind defence. Nissan are renowned for producing sturdy and resilient builds; with the Qashqai, they continue to build on this reputation more and more.

Mazda 2


With the Mazda 2, Mazda deliver an experience fully deserving of the super mini title. For a smartly built car boasting the latest advancements in car design that’s equally entertaining to drive, there are few cars that can be considered more of a must have.

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Title: Five Things to Consider When Buying a New Car

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Summary: Today’s new cars come with a variety of financing options, from contract purchase, to leasing, to hire purchase, all of which allow you to split the cost of a car into affordable chunks. That means you’ve been thinking you can’t afford a brand new car, you might very well be wrong.

Meta Title: Buying a New Car | New Car Guide | Bristol Street Motors

Meta Description: Thinking of buying a new car but not sure where to start? Take a look at our top 5 things to consider when buying a new car here.


Is there any better feeling than driving home in a brand new car?

The beauty of buying new is the huge potential for customisation that’s available to you. As well as choosing the make and manufacturer, you have the opportunity to choose the colour, trim and which features you’d like added – everything from the finish to the on board tech.

As well as allowing you to choose a make and model that fits your exact needs, buying a new car can be more affordable than you might think too. Today’s new cars come with a variety of financing options, from contract purchase, to leasing, to hire purchase, all of which allow you to split the cost of a car into affordable chunks. That means that if you’ve been thinking you can’t afford a brand new car, you might very well be wrong.

With all that in mind, we’ve put together a few points it’s good to have a think about if you’re looking for a new car.

  1. What will you be using the car for?


It may seem a silly question, but the car you need will depend entirely on your lifestyle, and your driving habits. Do you spend hours a day commuting to work down the motorway? Do you spend your mornings taking the kids to school? Do you navigate traffic packed city streets on a daily basis? The type of use the car will be getting can dictate everything you need, from the engine capacity to whether it’s a manual or automatic, to insurance and finance costs.

Luckily, buying new means having a huge range of vehicles to choose from, with options almost tailored to your exact needs. At Bristol Street Motors, we have a wide selection of new cars from 15 manufacturers each selling models to suit a range of lifestyle and needs, whether you’re a new buyer searching for low insurance and the latest tech, or a family wanting to upgrade to a roomier model.

Once you’ve decided your needs, you can begin to get an idea of the class of car you’ll be looking at. Which brings us to our next point…

  1. How much space do you need?


Depending on your situation, you may need a car offering more of less space. A businessperson may be perfectly happy with a two seater roadster, however this car may not be the best choice for the school run. Similarly, if you are a constantly heading out of weekends away, a generous boot space should be high up your list of priorities.

Roof racks and folding seats can have a big impact on a car’s storage capabilities, too. Some cars may seem small at a glance, but a genius seating arrangement can mean that they appear much larger on the inside.

Manufacturers today recognise the range of space requirements that different customers are looking for, and accommodate for this in new models and trims. That’s why when looking at new cars on sale today, you’ll find a wider selection of space options on display than ever before.

  1. Are you comfortable in the car?

Comfort is crucial, especially if you regularly drive long distances, and a large contributor to this is how well the car suits your driving style.

Even if you love the car’s exterior, it’s important to make sure that you’re happy with how your new feels to drive. This is especially true if you’re thinking of buying a class or manufacturer you’ve not previously driven, so when choosing a new car we’d recommend heading out for a test drive before making any final decisions. That way, you can make sure that you’re not just happy with how your new car looks, you’re happy with how it feels too.

  1. Do you need the latest tech?


One of the main advantages of buying a new car is the host of innovative in car tech you’ll receive. A huge number of cars on the market today come with built in infotainment systems, Sat-Nav, and more, with tech designed to make the driving experience easier, more comfortable, safer, or just more interesting!

When looking for a new car, it’s worth getting to grips with new technology you might not be familiar with, and deciding exactly what kind of tech you need in your car. It’s likely that this will be dependent mostly on your personal driving tastes, but budget is also a factor to consider, as some models with the latest technology may come at a slightly higher price points.

Perhaps you prefer driving simplistic and stripped back, or maybe you’d rather enjoy the convenience of gadgets such as reversing cameras, power folding mirrors, and autonomous emergency braking systems. Some in-car tech can add a dash of luxury, too, such as heated steering wheels and memory seats, so think about what tech is important to you.

  1. Does the car suit your style?

After spending so much time considering the practicalities of your new dream car, it’s worth remembering that you may be driving around in it for the next few years. With that in mind, it quickly becomes clear how important it is to purchase a car that you love the look of. The finish, the colour, the bodywork, the alloys and wheel arches: every car is different, and everyone has differing tastes.

You will be spending a large amount of time in your car once purchased, and therefore it’s well worth taking the extra time to find a car that has you brimming with pride when you see it. Whether that means looking for exec style leather interiors, hunting a model with the latest ’66 plates, or picking a colour that reflects your personality is up to you.

For the latest offers, and to start your search for new car that suits you today, check out the manufacturers and models we have on offer here.

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Title: The 10 Best Selling Cars in the Universe Ever

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Summary: With a (very) rough estimate of 1.2 billion cars on the road today, we’re probably justified in saying the humble automobile has caught on quite well over the past century or so. But, of all the hundreds of manufacturers jostling for poll position, which car maker comes up trumps when it comes to selling cars?

Meta Title: Top Selling Cars of all Time | Best Selling Cars | Bristol Street Motors

Meta Description: Ever wondered which is the world's most popular car? Bristol Street Motors rank the top selling cars of all time.


With a (very) rough estimate of 1.2 billion cars on the road today, we’re probably justified in saying the humble automobile has caught on quite well over the past century or so. But, of all the hundreds of manufacturers jostling for poll position, which car maker comes up trumps when it comes to selling cars?

We’ve dug around a bit, and we’ve assembled a list of the top ten best selling cars ever in the history of the universe. The answers may surprise you; they certainly surprised us. Without further ado, let’s dive head first into the depths of car sales figures.

  1. Chevrolet Impala

Cars sold: 14 million

The iconic Chevy Impala has been cruising the roads of the world non-stop since its birth back in 1958. In recent years, the Impala’s design revamp has seen it meander its way back once again to the top of the large sedan charts.

  1. Volkswagen Passat

Cars sold: 15.5 million

Over seven generations and 15.5 million sales, the robust family car has brought reasonably priced luxury to families all over the planet. These days, the sedan market is incredibly competitive, although the Passat still rides happy up at the front of the pack.

  1. Ford Model T

Cars sold: 16.5 million

Exactly how many Model T’s Henry Ford sold is put into perspective by this fact: despite going out of production 87 years ago, it still remains the 8th best-selling automobile of all time. Between its first production in 1908 and its discontinuation 20 years later, Ford produced enough Model T’s for the equivalent of every person in Holland.

  1. Honda Accord

Cars sold: 17.5 million

Renowned for its reliability, the Accord spent the first years of its life as a compact, however it eventually metamorphosed into the sedan we know and love today. After small beginnings in 1976, the Accord is today loved by motorists everywhere, and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

  1. Honda Civic

Cars sold: 18.5 million

Prior to the Civic’s birth in 1972, Honda was actually considering giving up the car game, after a difficult few years. Everyone loves an underdog story, and they don’t come much better than the struggling little Japanese manufacturer that went on to sell 18.5 million cars.

  1. Ford Escort

Cars sold: 20 million

America has had the Escort since 1981, and Europe’s roads have been graced with the car since 1986. The humble Escort has appealed to generations of drivers with its simple charm, easy handling, and affordable price tag.

  1. Volkswagen Beetle

Cars sold: 23.5 million

Designed in 1938, the Beetle has ridden a wave of popularity ever since, being picked up by the counter cultural 60’s movement thanks to its affordable price tag and its upbeat, funky styling. Today, generations of Beetles still roam the country’s roads, and they don’t show any signs of slowing down.

  1. Volkswagen Golf

Cars sold: 27.5 million

Either dubbed the Golf or the Rabbit, depending which country you’re driving around, the sporty hatchback is Volkswagen’s flagship car, selling 27.5 million since 1974, over many different iterations. Since its triumphant return to the production line in 2010, the Golf has gone from strength to strength.

  1. Ford F Series

Cars sold: 35 million

Initially sold as the Ford Bonus Built in 1948, Ford’s truck has increased in quality and style over the decades, with the manufacturer paying close attention to the requests of its customers. Having sold 35 million cars over the past six decades, the F Series tops the bill of Ford’s cars, and sales are far from slowing, with the manufacturer recently expanding their production plants.

  1. Toyota Corolla

Cars sold: 40 million

Notable births in the year 1966 include Mike Tyson, David Cameron, Helena Bonham Carter, and the Toyota Corolla. Since taking its first Bambi-like steps off the production line, the Corolla has found its feet as the world’s automotive sweetheart, with over 40 million sold to date, and a further 300,000 expected to sell this year alone, and we are proud to dub it the undisputed Most Popular Car in the Universe Ever.

The Corolla is so loved for its reliability, strong engine, and superb build quality, and in every new iteration, Toyota refine and tweak their flagship car, keeping it at the front of the pack and fending off any usurpers to its automotive throne. With the 11th generation Corolla released last year to rapturous acclaim, it looks as though this trend will continue for many years to come.

Author: Dan Hackett

Title: Which WAVs can I get through Motability?

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Summary: If you’re new to Motability, it’s normal to have a few questions about the scheme. Figuring out whether you’re eligible, what the average Motability car prices are, and what adaptations you’ll need are all important areas that you’ll need to consider.

Meta Title: Motability Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Meta Description: Here at Bristol Street Versa, we have a wide range of wheelchair accessible vehicles available to be leased through the Motability scheme. Click through to find out more about our Motability wheelchair accessible vehicles.



Which WAVs Can I Get on Motability


If you’re new to Motability, it’s normal to have a few questions about the scheme. Figuring out whether you’re eligible, what the average Motability car prices are, and what adaptations you’ll need are all important areas that you’ll need to consider. You’ll also need to consider things like upfront cost, the number of seats you’ll need, and whether the wheelchair user will be driving the vehicle when considering which Motability wheelchair accessible vehicle is right for you.

To help you choose the Motability wheelchair accessible vehicle that’s right for you, we’ve put together a quick guide below.

What vehicles are available through Motability?

When considering a Motability lease, many people think they might be more restricted in the options available to them.

However, the Motability scheme allows for a huge choice of vehicles, and in particular wheelchair accessible vehicles.  All major manufacturers have vehicles available on the scheme, and at Bristol Street Versa you’ll find wheelchair accessible options from big names like Ford, Fiat, Volkswagen, and Renault on show.

How much does a WAV cost through Motability?

All vehicles on the Motability scheme are leased, meaning you pay to use the car over a set period, usually 3 or 5 years. However, you’re free to use the vehicle as you wish during this time, and treat it as you would a vehicle you own.

At Bristol Street Versa, we have a selection of wheelchair accessible vehicles available with an Advance Payment starting from around £1595. After this initial advance payment, the vehicle will be financed for the remainder of its lease period using your allocated allowance. This initial payment and the resulting allowance payments cover the costs of servicing, insurance, tax, and warranty, meaning that you won’t have to worry about these.

Bristol Street Versa: Motability Cars List

We have a variety of wheelchair accessible vehicles available on the Motability scheme through Bristol Street Versa, in different sizes and specifications to suit whatever needs you might have. We’ve chosen to run through just three below, but for a wider selection of the wheelchair accessible vehicles available from Bristol Street Versa head over to our Motability section.

Versa Doblo 1.4

WAVS  - Fiat DobloThe Versa Doblo 1.4 is our own accessible version of the Fiat Doblo, and lies at the smaller end of the wheelchair accessible vehicles we have in stock. With two seats as standard alongside room for a wheelchair passenger, the Versa Doblo is a good option if you don’t require lots of room for extra passengers. However, the Versa Doblo can also be fitted with an option for one or two seats in the rear, allowing for more space. Like all the wheelchair accessible vehicles we have in stock, the Versa Doblo is customisable with a range of vehicle adaptations. The Versa Doblo is one of the most affordable Motability vehicles we have in stock, and is available to lease from just £1595.

Versa Connect Long

WAVS - Versa Connect LongThe Versa Connect Long is a modified version of popular Ford Grand Tourneo Connect, and is an ideal wheelchair accessible vehicle for families who might require a little extra passenger room. The Versa Connect wheelchair accessible vehicle can accommodate a wheelchair user plus 5 additional passengers, or a maximum of 7 passengers without the wheelchair user. Wheelchair users can access the vehicle via a simple ramp, which if upgraded can fold away into the vehicle to create a large storage area. The Versa Connect Long comes with Ford’s Stop and Start technology, which alongside its 65mpg makes it an economical wheelchair accessible vehicle that is affordable to run. At Bristol Street Versa we have both automatic and manual versions of the Versa Connect Long, with the manual version available on Motability with an advance payment of only £4295.

Versa Master LWB

WAVS - Renault Master

The Versa Master is a converted Renault Master van, and one of the roomiest wheelchair accessible vehicles we have available to lease through the Motability scheme. With a longer wheel base, the Versa Master LWB can accommodate the wheelchair user, driver, and up to 7 other passengers. If required, the Versa Master wheelchair accessible vehicle can also be modified to be able to carry a total of 4 wheelchair passengers. The Master LWB is available on Motability from £10,245 advance payment for the manual version, which includes rear heating and air conditioning as standard.

All the vehicles listed are able to receive specialist attachments and alterations, so if you’re interested in a custom wheelchair accessible vehicle, or would like to enquire about the cost of adaptations on the Motability scheme, then we would love to hear from you. Just make an enquiry online, or get in touch with our friendly customer services team. We can’t show you all the vehicles available on Motability, so why not take a look at the full range we have online.





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Title: Am I Eligible For Motability?

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Summary: Since being launched in 1977, the Motability scheme has helped thousands of people improve their quality of life by giving them low cost access to vehicles. Funded by charities and the government, with Motability disabled people can receive a car with modifications that allow for ease of access.

Meta Title: Am I Eligible For Motability

Meta Description: Wondering if you are eligible to access a car through the Motability scheme? Take a look at our Motability FAQs list, and find out all you need to know about Motability and Motabiity cars.


Am I Eligible for Motability

Since being launched in 1977, the Motability scheme has helped thousands of people improve their quality of life by giving them low cost access to vehicles. Funded by charities and the government, with Motability disabled people can receive a car with modifications that allow for ease of access. This way, people who may not have previously been able to drive, let alone get in a vehicle, can have the same freedoms as the general public.

If you think that the scheme could help you, but are not sure whether you’re eligible for Motability, we’ve put a guide together to help. With the information below, you can figure out your eligibility for Motability, and how to get a Motability car.

What allowances do I need to receive?

Eligibility for Motability is primarily assessed based on allowances supplied by the Government. If you receive one or more types of the following four Government allowances, you could be eligible to receive a car on the scheme.

  1. Disability Living Allowance

You’re eligible for Motability if you’re in receipt of the Higher Rate Mobility band of Disability Living Allowance, provided by the Department of Work and Pensions. Currently, this allowance is £57.45 a week, which can then be used to fund a Motability vehicle. However, in order to receive a vehicle on the scheme, you’ll need to prove that you still have a years’ worth of the allowance remaining to be paid to you.

  1. Personal Independence Payment

Whilst the Disability Living Allowance is still in effect, it is set to be gradually phased out and replaced with something called Personal Independence Payment. Currently this replacement is not in full effect. However, those who are receiving PIP, and are getting the Enhanced Rate of the Mobility Component – currently £57.45 – will be eligible to lease a vehicle on the Motability scheme.

  1. War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement

Veterans UK provide supplements to those in receipt of pension who were medically discharged from service. If you’re currently receiving a War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement of £64.15 per week, you’ll be eligible for Motability.

  1. Armed Forces Independence Payment

Those injured as a result of active service in the armed forced are eligible to receive Armed Forces Independence Payment, and a mobility payment. The Mobility component of AFIP is £57.45, and if you’re receiving this, you’ll be eligible for Motability.

How long should I have received this allowance?                                                   

When applying for Motability, there is no time limit on how long you’ve received an allowance. Whether you’ve received a mobility allowance for 5 years or 5 months, you may still be eligible for Motability.

However, how long you’ll be receiving the allowance will be taken into account. In order to get a Motability car lease, you’ll need to be receiving any of the above allowances for a minimum of 12 months into the future. If you do not have at least 12 months remaining, you won’t be eligible for Motability.

Is there an age limit on Motability?

Those above the age of 3 and in receipt of any of the above allowances could be eligible to lease a car on Motability. Whilst there is a minimum age required, there is no upper age limit. However, in certain cases individual circumstances may need to be assessed.

I’m unable to drive – am I still eligible?

If you don’t hold a valid UK license, you can still be eligible for Motability. The same applies to those who hold a license, but are no longer able to drive themselves.

To account for those who are unable to drive, when taking out a Motability lease, you’ll be given the option of naming up to 2 drivers; neither of which has to be yourself. A named driver could be member of family, a friend, or a carer.

However, in order to be named as a nominated driver, a person must meet certain requirements.

  • Named Motability drivers must hold a valid driving license. If the license is valid but not UK issued, the driver will need to undergo additional checks to decide eligibility.
  • Motability drivers must not have any previous convictions or disqualifications to legally drive a leased car.
  • Ideally, any nominated drivers should live within 5 miles of the Motability scheme customer’s place of abode. However, this is flexible and suitability can be assessed individually.
  • If naming more than one driver, only one driver can be under 21. This should ideally be someone who lives with the Motability customer. If drivers are under 25, there are restrictions on the type of vehicles able to be leased.

Will my disability influence whether I’m eligible?

When working out the eligibility of scheme members, individual disabilities are not taken into account. All that’s required is that scheme members are receiving one of the stated allowances.

However, if your application has been successful, and you’re eligible for Motability, we can take your individual circumstances into account when helping you choose a vehicle. We have vehicles available to suit a wide range of individual circumstances, and so we’ll be able to help you choose a vehicle that will truly be best for you.

We hope this guide has given you some idea of whether you’re eligible for Motability. If you’re still thinking “can I get a Motability car?”, and would like some professional advice, you can always get in touch with the team at Bristol Street Versa. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will be able to help you decide whether Motability is right for you, and even let you know which wheelchair accessible vehicles we have available that would suit your needs best.

Author: Tom